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Detoxing with Dani

Feb 26, 2019

Today I am sharing the first part of my health journey with you all. It's a long one which is why I have decided to break it up into 3 different parts. Today I go back to where it all began. Back in college in 2009. What it felt like to be that patient at the doctor's office that everyone thought was just a...

Feb 20, 2019

Michelle is a female entrepreneur and mom of 5 who shed her baby weight easily and effortlessly without giving up the foods she loves. Join us to hear her story.
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Feb 12, 2019

How this mother of 3 lost 65 plus pounds in 3 months by simply taking these 4 things our of her diet. Join in on this interview as April walks us through this life changing decision she and her husband made to put their health first. 
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Feb 5, 2019

Gut health has always been a huge part of my health journey. As a young girl I always suffered from stomach aches, chronic constipation and diarrhea. For over 2 years now gut health has been a main focus of mine and today I am sharing with you the 3 tools I use daily to keep my gut health in check and functioning at...