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Detoxing with Dani

Nov 27, 2018

With the holidays upon us, it can stir up some mixed feelings about food. Today I share how I approach the holidays and do a recap of how I tackled Thanksgiving, which used to be one of the most dreaded food holidays for me.  

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Nov 20, 2018

Katie Dunlop’s journey with hypothyroidism and how she manages her condition while running a thriving fitness influencer platform, inspiring thousands of women live their healthiest life. 
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Katie’s Nightly Routine
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Nov 13, 2018

It's about that time of year again when your entire IG feed will be hit with cleanses, diet, and all things weight loss as people start making their New Year's Resolutions... But today I am going to talking about my thoughts on cleansing and where everyone goes wrong. Plus the liver cleanse I will be trying for the...

Nov 6, 2018

Do you ever wonder to yourself if buying organic is really worth the extra money? In this interview with Chef Mareya of Eat Cleaner we discuss the pros and cons of organic produce and how to make sure you are properly cleaning it, regardless of organic vs. conventional. 
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